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Empowering lives and unlocking human potential through workshops and seminars

MPA is committed to community investment. We will continue to concentrate on programs that promote education, empower lives and unlock human potential.

Community involvement enriches the lives of those that live in the community. Through Partnering/Sponsorship continued development and delivery of education programs; progress will be on going. Your help to support financial literacy, women issues and diversity workshops which empower individuals with financial, social and economic knowledge is greatly appreciated.

What is a Sponsor?

Being a sponsor is an ongoing continuing, activity. A sponsor is a person, corporation or organization who wants you to have the tools you need to be successful, and the encouragement to keep you going for it. Corporate sponsors show their commitment to the success of their employees, while also receiving benefits such as a higher level of employee retention, raised motivation, increased exposure for recruitment of qualified individuals, and more. Organizations show their commitment by keeping their members informed and up to date on issues that impact their lives socially, financially and economically. Individuals reach out to the community to help educate, empower and remove barriers.

MPA is Doing Something About It! Mason Professional Positive Advantage is dedicated to crossing boundaries and encouraging effective communication.

How may I become a sponsor of MPA?

Send donations to:
P.O. Box 110612
B'ham, AL 35211


Sponsor workshops and seminars

Partner with us, encourage others to attend seminars and workshops

Host a workshop to help empower lives and remove barriers

Volunter to support PPA and become a mentor. The Professional Positive Advantage Foundation, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible.

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